Another day in the life of this recovering addict.  Nothing of real note occurred, except that I stayed clean, thought of my living children, as well as the two who have passed.  I dressed, ate, fed Meetsy, read a bit, watched a DVD, and went to my counseling session.  Now, I’m at the library blogging.  I tested out the use of my new cane while pulling my shopping cart, and it does seem to help my stability with all the meds I’m on, and my blood levels meaning the anemia.  Sometimes I get dizzy with my bipolar and Interferon/Ribaviron meds, so a cane is helpful.

I’m still waiting on my DSS caseworker to recertify me.  Everything is always a slow process it seems.  Three of the people in my sober house have been asked to leave because they’re not working a program by going to meetings, seeking active recovery, etc.  They have 90 to vacate.  So sad how some get it and others don’t.  I thank my God I do.  I found a 4G phone a week ago and turned it into the police.  Wanted to keep it, but knew that was the right thing to do.  That’s it for now, till next time…


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