A Letter To Heaven

                  A Letter To Heaven

Darkness has come

I’m alone in the night
Hiding my feelings
Out of everyone’s sight

Despair fills my soul
Which as a fact is quite strange
Cause inside feels empty
My feelings have changed

When you left I felt good
Like you wanted me to
I looked deep inside
And there I found you

It felt like you were here
Living in me
Giving me strength
To live life and just be

I felt honored and proud
That you were my dad
That I was there your last days
All the time that you had

Brave and determined
To get through this with pride
To keep the promise
That I made as you died

Forgive me if I fall though
I know there will be bad days
Cause I loved you so much
In so many ways

As a father and friend
Counselor and adviser
There never lived a man
Who could have possibly been wiser

I’m so sad and confused
Like a lost little girl
I feel like an oyster
Without its precious pearl

Cause that’s what you were
All shinny and bright
Who brightened each day
And chased away night

I’ll never forget
And I’ll always miss you
But we’ll meet again
This just has to be true

With a love as strong as we had
Not even death can keep us apart
Where are you?

Copyright © 2002 by Jenny Harris. All rights reserved


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