Inspirational Thoughts on Grieving…


We may neither understand ourselves nor our own behavior while we’re grieving our losses. Then one day, things become clear. The fog lifts, and we see that we have been struggling to face and accept a particular reality… Don’t worry. If we are taking steps to take care of ourselves, we will move through this process at exactly the right pace.
Melody Beattie

The key to finding the miracle inside sadness lies in learning how to allow ourselves to be sad. This is often harder than one would think… In a culture of denial, those who do not deny the depths of their feelings are often branded as fools or hysterics… Crying is often viewed as a waste of time or a sign of weakness…. We no longer give deep cultural permission for the processes of grief… But grief that is suppressed will force its way to expression – whether we want it to or not… So it is that the modern mystic, when experiencing the heartbreak of life, does not avoid the heartbreak nor try to distance from it in the name of spirituality, mental health, or anything else.
Marianne Williamson

In order to accept change and the suffering it brings, we need to find meaning in it.
Mary Norton Gordon

Take time to remember how connected your are. Your are connected not just to the people you’ve met and know, but to all who live, past and present, in this world. Your are part of a dance, the magical dance of the universe taking place each moment in time.
Melody Beattie


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