One Year Ago Today…..

Beautiful poem. Visit this blog ~ Kate

Poet4Life aka *Poe's MaGiCaL World of PoeTry*

One year ago today
I couldn’t find the words to say
My brain wanted to quit thinking
My heart wanted to cease all function
My very being wanted to just go numb
And no longer be
But for some reason
Time did not stop
People all around me continued their day-to-day
As I sat there
Pieces of me slowly
Chipping off
I begin to crumble
Before society’s very eyes
But no one reaches down to help

One year ago today
My life was forever altered
Forever changed
For the greatest man I ever knew
He passed away
He took with him a piece of my heart
That I will never be able to find
One year ago, on the 27th of May
Death swooped in
And took my grandpa away
When I heard the news, got the call
Oh to my knees I did fall
I shed many tears,

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